Traditional games

                                      Saltar la soga (Skipping rope)

This game is usually played during breaks and in our free time. It is a social version, because you can also play it on your own     
This game can be played by three or more players, depending on the length of the rope. You can play it anywhere and you only need a rope. To play this game two players hold a rope, one in each side, the other players stand in the middle of the rope. The players holding it start to swing the rope so that it passes over the other players heads and under their feet.These players start jumping the rope (and the others can count the number of jumps saying the letters of the alphabet or numbers). The player who stays jumping longer is the winner.

Quemado (Burned)

This game is usually played at schools but you can also play it anywhere. First of all you have to make two teams of as many players as you want and both of them should have the same number of players. Then you have to settle a field with two areas for team A and for team B. The field has to be about ten meters long and five meters wide. To start playing one team has to throw the ball to the other team. The objective is that the ball has to hit (burn) one player of the other team. If the ball touches you, you have to go outside the field behind the other team. The team that wins is the team that hits(burns) more players.



      This game is called “la escondida” (hide and seek)

 It’s usually played by children aged 5-10.
To play this game a player has to count covering his/her eyes in a pre-arranged place called “la piedra” while the others hide in different places. The player who is found first has to count in the next round. A round finishes when all participants are found. If you don’t want to count, you have to run to the pre arranged place and touch it.
There are two possible winners, the child counting if he/she finds all the hiddenparticipants, or if a player touches the pre-arranged place.
One option is that the player who gets to this place can shout “piedra libre para todos mis compañeros” and save the rest of his/her team.

Resultado de imagen para la escondida juego imagenes animadasResultado de imagen para la escondida juego imagenes animadas


Relojito is a well-known game played in Argentina. This game is played by children in kindergarten and primary school. To play it, there must be at least four players without a maximum number of players.
First of all, the pairs make a circle. An inner circle with players standing with their legs apart.Then, the other members of the pair have to form an outer circle standing behind the others. After that, one of the players says “Right” or “Left” and, for example, if he says right, the membersin the outer circle who are standing behind the others must run around the circle and try to meet his/her partner again and crawl under their legs before the others do it. If you are the last one meeting your partner, you fail and you and your pair have to go out of the circle.To win you have to be the only pair in the circle.
Variation: in the video students are in p.e. class and the game is not competitive.The par who loses sits in the middle of the circle and is replaced by the meet pair. they can go back to the circle.


This game is called Mancha. You can play this inside, in a big room or outside. It's played by any number of players. To play this game you don't need any elements.

One player is 'Mancha' and his/her job is to tag someone else. When you are tagged by the player who is 'Mancha' you become 'Mancha' and now it's your job to tag someone else.
To decide 'Mancha' is at the beginning of the game, someone asks 'Who is Mancha?' and a player should say ' I am Mancha'. Many of the players will get a turn at being 'Mancha'. Then this player counts to ten to give the rest of the players time to run away far from him/her. When he/she finishes counting he/she shouts 'ready' and start chasing the others.
When the game stops the person who is 'Mancha' at the moment loses. The game usually stops when everyone decides it or it's a better idea to set a time limit.

Resultado de imagen para play tag

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